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Women in ITE - Boot Camp Series


2024 June Boot Camp Program to Recognize National Safety Month Traffic Safety Challenges and Solutions

June is National Safety Month and the Women in ITE Committee wanted to get feedback on key questions from notable women SMEs on three safety-related topics. Their video responses are listed below:


Beyond Bandaids:  Battling Burnout

The Women in ITE Committee recently sponsored a workshop to discuss burnout—seeing the signs and talking through ways to avoid getting to the point of burnout.  The majority of the session was spent in round robin breakouts, but the video captures the essence of those breakouts.  


Interviewing Dos and Don’ts

Women in ITE proudly presents 'Interviewing Dos and Don'ts.' Click on the links below to access our video series on dos and don'ts for effective interviewing.

Dive into a comprehensive approach to interview success, featuring effective strategies and vital tips on avoiding common pitfalls. From mastering interview techniques to sidestepping mistakes, our content is your key to excelling in interviews with unwavering confidence.
Join us on this journey to enhance your interview skills and achieve your career goals!


 1 - Confidence Boosting Techniques

 6 - Challenges and Weaknesses

 2 - Mastering the Elevator Pitch

 7 - Examples of Resolving Conflict

 3 - Negotiating Salary & Benefits

 8 - Body Language Hacks

 4 - Showcasing Your Resume

 9 - Building Strong Communication Skills

 5 - Making a Memorable Impression

 10 - Capitalizing on Failed Experiences

Click Here to watch the entire video playlist!


Building The Career You Want 

In the post-pandemic workplace, women leaders are leaving their companies and switching jobs faster than ever before. A 2022 McKinsey and LeanIn.org report found that for every director-level woman being promoted to the next level, two women directors are leaving. In what is being dubbed “the Great Breakup”, women are leaving in response to a number of systemic issues – such as being passed up for promotions or experiencing unfair treatment, lack of flexible work options and support from their managers, and fewer opportunities to advance.

The study found that the “broken rung” remains unfixed – women are not being promoted at the first step to manager: for every 100 men promoted from an entry-level role to a management role, only 87 women and 82 women of colour received the same opportunity. This disparity only widens at increasing levels of seniority. Women are also overworked – something exacerbated by the pandemic. The 2022 McKinsey and LeanIn.org report found that 43% of women leaders were burned out, compared to 31% of men leaders. Women are also driven to leave if their organization doesn’t prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

This panel event will focus on how women are getting the careers they want. Our featured speakers are three trailblazing women in senior leadership roles within the transportation profession, who will share their experience building the careers they want, at each stage of their lives. There will be opportunity for Q&A and interactive discussion.


Leading in a Hybrid World Panel Discussion

ITE’s Women in ITE Committee and ITS America partnered to bring you the Women in the Workforce webinar. This webinar, was held April 27 and was specifically designed to discuss new ways of learning and developing that provide a supportive environment for women in the workforce. The Women in the Workforce webinar’s mission was to inspire and empower women to lead in their workplaces and communities. The discussions were recorded and archived and you can view them here:


Student to Professional Video Resource Library

ITE’s Women in ITE Committee and Student to Younger Member Transition Task Force recently collaborated on this project to assist students and young professionals navigate the beginning stages of careers in transportation.  Our District Rising Stars and Young Leaders to Follow were interviewed on a variety of topics noted below ranging from career options to the importance of certifications.


Women in Leadership: Words of Wisdom for the Next Generation

ITE’s Women in ITE Committee interviewed five women leaders in transportation to assist young professionals navigate the early stages of careers in transportation. They were interviewed on a variety of topics like their first job, career plans, challenges in their career and hopes for the future. The webinar will include a series of pre-recorded interviews followed by a live Q & A session.