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William R. McGrath

William R. McGrathWilliam R. McGrath was born in Stratford, CT in October, 1922.  He finished high school in Pueblo, Colorado and after several years in World War II, he left service as a lieutenant in Naval Aviation.  He attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering in 1950.  He then went on to the Yale University Bureau of Highway Traffic and received his Certificate in Traffic Engineering there in 1951.  He also spent two years on the faculty of Yale Bureau of Highway Traffic as a research assistant and a year and a half with Wilbur Smith Associates as an associate traffic engineer in New Haven, CT.

In 1955 he became the Director of the City of New Haven's Department of Traffic and Parking, a position he held until 1963.  In 1963 he became Transportation Coordinator for the Boston Redevelopment Authority and in 1968 became Traffic Commissioner of the Department of Traffic and Parking for the City of Boston, a position he held until 1970.  In 1970 he became Vice President and Director of Transportation and Traffic planning for the White Plains, New York firm of Raymond, Parish & Pine.

Mr. McGrath was a Director from District I from 1965-1965 and 1968-69.  He was elected Secretary-Treasurer in 1970 and served as Vice President for the following two years before being elected President in 1972.

Mr. McGrath has served as a special consultant on traffic organization to Madras, India 1962 and to Dublin, Ireland in 1965.  He has also been chairman of the Urban Transportation Committee, US Conference of Mayors and has been active in the National League of Cities.

Other ITE activities included being President of the New England Section from 1960-61 and he was active in Technical Council being chairman of Department 3.  He also served for several years on the ITE delegation to the National Joint Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  He has served with ASCE and TRB and is a Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon and Sigma Xi recipient.