About ITE

Weston Pringle

Weston S. Pringle Jr., P.E., PTOE (FL), is a recognized leader in the transportation profession and a professional committed to the advancement of the profession and the Institute.

In a career spanning over 40 years, Wes has dedicated most of his professional career as a consultant to aiding public and private clients throughout California. He has been one of the most consistently active members in the Institute’s Western District throughout his entire career. Wes is always willing to pitch in and serve at all levels of the Institute. He is a frequent participant in professional development programs and technical sessions, realizing the importance and commitment to life-long learning.

Since joining the Institute in 1963, Wes has held the following elected offices:

  • President, Southern California Section, 1973–1974;
  • President, District 6, 1978–1979; and
  • International Director, District 6, 1987–1990.

In 1994, the Western District, ITE’s largest district, selected Wes to serve as its first administrator to support and provide continuity for a changing elected leadership. In addition, Wes served as “historian” for the purpose of relaying his knowledge of District 6 policies. Wes was selected for this position over six extremely well-qualified candidates. It was not only Wes’ eight years of dedication to the District 6 Board, but his sincere love of ITE and its members that made him the perfect choice for District 6 Administrator, a role he continues to serve in today.

Wes demonstrated his commitment to professional development and growth by being one of the first to take the Professional Traffic Operations Engineer certification exam. At the Institute’s 1974 Program Development Conference in Chicago, Wes was an ardent proponent of the Institute, providing basic and practical technical information. Wes helped to define content and served as an Editor of the then-new quarterly Institute publication, Technical Notes, which was published by the Institute from 1975 to 1983. Wes has served on and chaired numerous technical and administrative committees at the international, district and section levels.

The Institute is distinct among other educational and scientific societies in the close friendships and its extensive family-like network. Wes and his wife, Lu, are very much a part of the Institute’s international family. Wes, his sidekick and career-long friend, Bob Crommelin, and Lu have helped to induct and make welcome many young professionals to the ITE family. Included are Wes and Lu’s daughter and son, Amanda and Wes III, who are ITE members. Wes is a friend, an Institute ambassador and a long-time dedicated contributor to the success of the Institute at all levels.