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John F. Exnicios

John F. ExniciosJohn F. Exnicios entered the traffic engineering profession upon graduation from Louisiana State University in 1949 as a Traffic Engineer for the City of New Orleans.

At the time, John was one of a handful of traffic engineers who entered the profession with a degree in electrical engineering. In 1952 John was most fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Highway Traffic Bureau at Yale University, benefiting from the collective experience of the faculty and fellow students and joining a network of graduates who at that time held most of the principal traffic engineering positions in the United States. John is proud of many accomplishments during his tenure with the city, including the installation of a state of the science traffic signal system in the late 1970s.

After retiring from the City of New Orleans, John was called to service as the Transportation Director of the New Orleans 1984 World’s Fair. John served the team that coordinated the Pope’s visit to New Orleans in 1987. In 1985 John joined Urban Systems Associates Inc. as Principal Traffic Engineer, and the firm continues to benefit from John’s service. Since becoming an ITE member on Jan. 12, 1953, John served ITE at the local, regional and national level, including on the ITE Board of Direction, as a candidate for International Vice President. John continues to serve ITE as a member of the Transportation Security and Evacuation Advisory Committee.

John’s qualities that stand out are his friendly personality and understanding of the client, the public and the public policy-maker. John is a master of serving the client and reading the unfolding situation and reacting. We congratulate John on his many years of service to the citizens of the City of New Orleans, the Southern District, ITE and the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, and we recognize him for his continuing contribution to the transportation profession.