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Harold F. Hammond

Harold F. HammondHarold F. Hammond, graduated from the University of Michigan with a BSCE, and the Erskine Bureau of Traffic Research at Harvard University.  Employed from 1935 to 1944 by the National Conservation Bureau, which provided a "home" for ITE during its formative stage.  Harold devoted a significant amount of time to the administration of Institute affairs and to Traffic Engineering Magazine.  His employer financed the publication of the first, second, and third editions of the Traffic Engineering Handbook, with Harold serving as the co-editor of the first edition.  He served on the Board of Direction for 12 years (the longest known period of consecutive service), as Secretary/Treasurer 1935-1941, as Vice President 1941-1943, and as President 1943-1945.  

During his career Harold served as the Washington Manager of the American Transit Association, the Assistant Manager and then Manager of the Transportation and Communication Department of the US Chamber of Commerce, and the Executive Vice-President and then President of the Transportation Association of America.  Harold's prominent professional positions provided him with an opportunity to influence national transportation policy and legislation.  Harold was part of a corps group of pioneers in traffic engineering, including D. Grant Mickle, Burton W. Marsh, Leslie Sorenson, Wilbur Smith, Theodore M. Matson, and Hawley Simpson who nurtured ITE in its formative stages and served as unpaid Institute staff, devoting many hours to such ambitious projects as Traffic Engineering Handbook, War Worker Transportation, and early standards for traffic control devices.