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Guy Kelcey

Guy KelceyGuy Kelcey was a Founder and a charter Director of ITE.  He is best known in his latter days as being Chairman and President of the consulting firm Edwards and Kelcey of Newark, New Jersey.  He was a pioneer in traffic control concepts and geometric design followed in later years by management and communications.  He served as a pilot for the US Army from 1917 to 1919 and before that he had served three years in management positions with financial institutions.  In 1919 he joined the American Gas Accumulator Company as Manager of their Traffic Engineering Division and was named sales manager of one of their subsidiaries a year later.

Ten years later he was President of Vehicular Parking, Ltd. in 1941.  He served as regional Director for the Division of Local Transport, Office of the Defense Transportation from 1942 to 1944 and with the Port of New York Authority until 1945 when he resigned to become a Partner in Edwards and Kelcey.

Mr. Kelcey was a Mechanical Engineering graduate of the Carnegie Institute of Technology and had received an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from Newark College of Engineering.  He was active in ARBA, American Society of Civil Engineers, the Highway Research Board, the American Institute of Consulting Engineers, and the American Society of Safety Engineers.