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Ernest P. Goodrich

Ernest P. GoodrichErnest P. Goodrich was the first President of the Institute of Traffic Engineers and served from 1930 to 1932.  He was born in Decator, Michigan in 1874 and attended Michigan State Normal College and the University of Michigan receiving a B.A. in Civil Engineering from the latter.  

Mr. Goodrich was an extremely well versed man in all aspects of transportation, planning, and engineering administration.  He was a consulting engineer to the New York City Department of Public Works performing many plans and designing harbors for cities throughout the world.  He was also a civil engineer in the Navy for four years at the turn of the century.  He even found time to be a public employee with the Manhattan.

Department of Public Works from 1910 to 1916.  As a consultant in private practice, he drew up plans for the City of Nanking, China and for the port and city of Whampoa near Canton and also port facility plans for Bogota, Colombia.

Mr. Goodrich was also a professor of engineering economics at NYU in the 1930s and was also chief engineer for the New York Department of Sanitation in the 30s.  He was also a planning consultant for such cities as Cincinnati, Norfolk, Newark, Springfield, Massachusetts, and New Haven, Connecticut.  He was also a director of ASCE and received its Collingwood prize in 1905.  He was President of the American Institute of Consulting Engineers in 1951.