About ITE

Carlton C. Robinson

Carlton C. RobinsonCarlton C. Robinson was the 32nd President of ITE and was born on March 25, 1926 at Long Beach, California.  For a short period of time he was enrolled at the University of Utah and Pasadena Junior College in pre-engineering but he received his degree at Oregon State College in Civil Engineering in June, 1948.  Two years later he attended the Yale Bureau of Highway Traffic and received his Certificate there in 1951.

Mr. Robinson began his ITE activities as Secretary-Treasurer of the Western Section in 1954 and with Technical Council as Chairman of Department Two from 1958-61 and Chairman of the Technical Council itself from 1962-64.  He was also President of the Washington, DC Section in 1961.  

On the National ITE Board he served as Director from District II from 1965-67.  He was elected Secretary-Treasurer in 1968 and served as Vice President from 1969-70 before being elected as President for the 1970-71 ITE year.    

Mr. Robinson's professional engineering experience was as assistant traffic engineer in Portland, Oregon from 1948-55; as a traffic engineer for the Automotive Safety Foundation from 1955-61; as Director of the Traffic Engineering Division of the Automotive Safety Foundation from 1961-69 and Director of Program Planning for the Highway Users Federation in 1970.    

Mr. Robinson received ITE's first Past Presidents' Award in 1951  He has been an advocator of cooperative endeavors among the transportation associations.  He is a very active participant in committees and forums of the transportation profession including in TRB and the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances.