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Andrey Abraham Potter

Andrey Abraham PotterAndrey Abraham Potter was a Purdue University educator but had started his career as Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Kansas State University in 1905.  Later in 1913 he was named Dean of Engineering and Director of the Engineering Experiment Station.  In 1920 he went to Purdue and there was named Dean of the School of Engineering and Director of the Engineering Experiment Station, a post which he held for some 33 years.  From 1945 to 1946 he was Acting President and Director of the Purdue Research Foundation and in 1953 Dean Emeritus of Engineering.  

He served during his lifetime in 18 various US governmental appointed positions and was also visiting professor at ten other schools.

Dr. Potter obtained his B.S. from MIT and has been awarded ten honorary doctorate degrees.  His other honors included the IEEE Lammee Medal, the 75th Anniversary Medal of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the 1950 Americanism Award, the Cyrus Hall McCormick Medal and the NSPE Award.

He was President of ASME, ASEE, the Kansas and Indiana Engineering Societies, and the American Engineering Council.  He was a member of Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Xi.