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Alan M. Voorhees

Alan M. VoorheesAlan M. Voorhees began his career in transportation engineering as City Planning Engineer for the City of Colorado Springs.  He became the Planning Engineer for the Automobile Safety Foundation (ASF) in 1952.  While at ASF, Alan carried out research in urban structure and and travel, as well as the interrelationship between land use and transportation.  Throughout his career he has been involved in a large number of metropolitan and local transportation planning programs, including, Los Angeles, Boston, St. Louis, Washington, Miami, Seattle, Baltimore, Houston, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Toronto, Caracas, London, Melbourne, and San Paulo.  

In 1961, Alan founded and became President of Alan M. Voorhees & Associates, which soon became one of the largest transportation planning firms in the world.  Since then Alan has been been involved with setting up several new companies, including Data Terminal Systems, which has become one of the largest electronic cash register firms in the country, a commuter airline operating out of Atlanta, and cable and radio programs in the Philadelphia area.  At the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, he was Dean of the newly established college combining the programs related to architecture, art, and urban sciences from 1977-1979.  Alan also founded Summit Enterprises, a company involved in real estate development and management.

Alan has received numerous awards including the Highway Research Board Award, the ITE Past President's Award, and the first ASCE Harland Bartholomew Award.