Transportation Equity Listening Sessions

The ITE Board of Direction has selected Transportation Equity as ITE's area of focus for 2021. This topic emerged as a priority for ITE based on the Developing Trends Report prepared by ITE's Technical Councils and Committees.

ITE will be hosting three Transportation Equity Listening Sessions this spring. Similar to the virtual listening sessions conducted last year on Big Data/Data Analytics, we want to hear from our membership on transportation equity, in an open forum, to help identify what resources ITE can provide on the topic. We want our members to provide input on where ITE should lead, where we should collaborate, and what we should monitor.

Please join us to ask questions, offer your thoughts, and recommend future action. These sessions are open to all ITE members on the following dates and times:

Additional listening sessions will be held for attendees of the Mid-Colonial and Northeastern District meetings this Spring and the ITE Annual Meeting this summer.

If you have questions about these upcoming sessions, please email



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