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Sustainability Standing Committee

Chair: Ryan Martinson, Stantec Consulting, Calgary, AB, Canada
Vice Chair: Keith Hall, Maser Consulting P.A., Hamilton, NJ, USA

Welcome to the home page for the ITE Sustainability Standing Committee. Sustainable transportation projects and programs consider the ability to provide for current needs without compromising the interests of future generations, from economic, social, and environmental perspectives. As a cross-council effort, this task force is promoting both the development and communication of sustainable transportation solutions. 
The roles of the Sustainability Standing Committee are to:

  • Provide recommendations to the ITE Board, Coordinating Council, and staff on ITE activities and programs in fostering surface transportation solutions that are sustainable from economic, social, and environmental perspectives
  • Identify and champion activities and projects that should be undertaken by one or more Councils to further the definition, evaluation, and professional awareness of sustainable transportation systems
  • Monitor Council activities and projects in these areas and foster the sharing of information among Councils

The Sustainability Standing Committee has the following mission statement:
“Facilitate transportation solutions that incorporate economic, social, and environmental sustainability as span the range of ITE member interests.”


Standing Committee Roster

  • Ryan Martinson, Chair
  • Keith Hall, Vice-Chair
  • Jim Gough, Past Chair
  • Doug Noble, ITE Staff


Standing Committee Members:

  • Gord Lovegrove, District 7 and  Transportation Safety Council
  • Jim Helmer, Public Agency Council
  • John Hendrickson, Parking Standing Committee
  • TBD, Transportation Education Council
  • TBD, Transit Standing Committee
  • John Lower, Management & Operations / ITS Council
  • Peter McCombs, District 8
  • TBD, Pedestrian and Bicycle Standing Committee
  • Hibbett Neel, Transportation Consultants Council
  • Mark Norman, TRB Liaison, Policy/Legislative Committee Liaison
  • Ken Voigt, Transportation Consultants Council
  • Gordon Meth, Traffic Engineering Council
  • Dan Hardy, Transportation Planning Council
  • Amiy Varma, Urban Goods Movement Standing Committee


Standing Committee Project Managers:

  • Tien-Tien Chan, TRB Sustainability Liaison
  • Jim Gough, Mobility Hubs State of the Practice
  • Keith Hall, On-line Database of Sustainable Transportation Practices
  • Jim Helmer, Sustainable Traffic Signals



The Sustainability Standing Committee is currently working on projects regarding: sustainable traffic signal systems; mobility hubs, an on-line database of good practice in sustainable transportation, and others. If you are interested in participating in any of these, or have an idea for another project or initiative, please contact us.

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