Transportation Outreach and Recruitment Resources

As a respected transportation professional, you have no doubt been asked at some point to participate in recruitment events and activities hosted by primary or secondary schools, colleges or universities, community groups, or other. In response to this request, you have likely either (1) spent significant time and energy outside of your workday researching available recruitment resources and independently developing transportation-related presentation materials and hands-on activities or exercises or (2) politely declined due to time and energy constraints. If your response was the latter, you are not alone.

To make it easier for transportation professionals to participate in local recruitment events and activities, the ITE Transportation Education Council has compiled useful resources to aid in your efforts. These tools represent a first step in encouraging higher quality and more frequent outreach to pre-college students. Through outreach at the local levels and by local volunteers, a much broader student audience can be exposed to the transportation profession and be encouraged to develop a strong interest in pursuing a transportation-related career.


Supplemental Pre-College Recruitment Presentation Materials

As a complement to the toolbox, these presentation materials and templates may be used to precede active learning sessions. A professional doing career outreach may choose to provide a brief presentation introducing transportation engineering as a profession prior to or after performing one of the hands-on activities available in the toolbox.

These materials may also be used to as a stand-alone exchange when forums do not support active learning opportunities. You may use these presentations and update them to provide more local flavor.


ITE Great Ideas Webshare: Student Activities - Recording (82MB)
Facilitated by Gary B. Thomas P.E., Ph.D., Research Engineer, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, College Station, TX, USA

Dyan C. Damron, P.E, PTP, MITE, Project Manager, Neel-Schaffer, Inc., Nashville, TN, USA

Alyssa Reynolds, P.E., PTOE, MITE, Project Engineer II, City of Henderson, Henderson, NV, USA

Careers in Transportation and Engineering
Monica Suter, P.E., PTOE, MITE, Senior Civil Engineer, City of Santa Ana, Santa Ana, CA, USA

Careers in Transportation Planning
Brad Strader, AICP, PTP, President, Royal Oak, MI, USA and Philip L. Winters, Director, CUTR, Tampa, FL, USA

Expert Witness
So You Want To Become An Expert
PDF | Powerpoint

Transportation Engineering
Dyan C. Damron, P.E., PTP, MITE, Project Manager, Neel-Schaffer, Inc., Nashville, TN, USA

Transportation Engineering
Dr. Grant G. Schultz, P.E., PTOE, MITE Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USA

Transportation: What Piece Fits YOU Best?
Brian Bochner, P.E., PTOE, PTP, HITE, Senior Research Engineer, Texas Transportation Institute, College Station, TX, USA

What is Engineering?
Monica Suter, P.E., PTOE, MITE, Senior Civil Engineer, City of Santa Ana, Santa Ana, CA, USA


Additional Resources

Educational Resources
Texas Transportation Institute, Center for Professional Development, Texas A&M University System, College Station, TX, USA
The center has developed various educational resources to be used to foster interest in learning more about transportation engineering and the transportation profession. The site includes 12 brochures, eight presentations and a transportation image library.

Go! Exploring the World of Transportation
Along with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Midwest Transportation Consortium (MTC) is a major sponsor of Go! (, an innovative online magazine designed to attract teens to careers in transportation. As a workforce development project of InTrans at Iowa State University (MTC’s home organization), Go! has been making steady headway since its inception in 2007. A unique aspect of Go! is that most articles are researched and written by graduate students, and the Web site is designed and maintained by students as well. The goal is to provide both content and a dynamic visual interface that attract a young audience.


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