Transportation Education Council

Chair: David Hurwitz, Oregon State University, Corvaillis, OR, USA
Vice Chair: Peter Savolainen, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

Guiding Principle: Engaging transportation educators, practitioners, and students to advance the transportation workforce.

Transportation Education

At educational institutions nationwide, engineering enrollment is decreasing while the demand for skilled transportation engineers is increasing. The ITE Transportation Education Council provides a focal point for identifying and addressing emerging and evolving needs of educational institutions. Membership in ITE's Transportation Education Council comprises a cooperative alliance of administrators, faculty, researchers, professional trainers, practitioners, students and others interested in actively pursuing initiatives that will lead to greater involvement in ITE and the profession. The interests of college or university students and pre-college students (through interaction with primary and secondary school teachers) are inherently represented by this Council.

The ITE Transportation Education Council seeks to initiate and increase the participation of educational institutions (at all levels) in the Institute and the profession, improve the depth and breadth of services offered to educational institutions, encourage representation of educational institutions in leadership roles in the Institute, support the Institute in identifying education-related early warnings or target program areas that deserve special attention or resources and provide a significant "voice" and expertise in the Institute's workforce/professional development activities through direct representation and involvement on Institute task forces, initiatives, etc.


Getting Involved

The council is always looking for members to get involved and some ways to do so now include:

  • Attend an Education Council meeting. See the list of meetings the council has under the Meetings link on the sidebar. If you are unable to attend the meetings you can always learn more about the council activities in the Transportation Education Council Newsletter Archive under the Newsletters link on the sidebar.
  • Prepare a real-world problem for use in the classroom setting. Contact Rhonda Young for more details about how to put one together.
  • Suggest new activities for the committee. The committee is always open to new ideas on how to better serve the transportation education community. Come to a meeting to make your suggestion or send an e-mail to the Education Council chair.



Each year, the ITE Transportation Education Council provides judges for the Outstanding Student Paper and Outstanding Student Chapter Competitions. In addition, the Council recognizes unique or innovative ways of attracting students to or retaining professionals in the field of transportation engineering through its Award for Innovation in Education.



The ITE Transportation Education Council has developed and maintains several notable on-line products including:



In 2011, the ITE Transportation Education Council revised the ITE Student Chapter Manual which still serves as the premier guidance document for student leaders initiating and operating a Student Chapter Program at their respective educational institution.

A list of Council Executive Committee members can be found in the membership directory under ITE Council Executive Committee members.

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Council membership is controlled entirely through e-Community. Subscribe to as many councils as you like and get involved.


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