Roundabout Standing Committee

Chair: Ken Sides, Sam Schwartz Engineering, Tampa, FL, USA
Vice Chair: Joseph Balskus, VHB, Wethersfield, CT, USA

Mission: To save lives by accelerating the transition to safe intersections

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Roundabout Design Guidelines Links

Want to know more about roundabout design in your area? In order to share current practice reference material on roundabout design, this map provides clickable links to U.S. states’ and Canadian provinces’ roundabout design guidelines documents. If you have any additions or revisions to this resource, please contact Douglas Noble,


Listen to the ITE Talks Transportation podcast

How Carmel, Indiana Became the "Roundabout Capital of the United States"
Jeremy Kashman, chief engineer and director of engineering for the City of Carmel, IN, USA, joins the ITE Talks Transportation podcast to talk about how his city became the "Roundabout Capital of the United States." With more than 140 existing roundabouts and more in the works, Kashman describes the process of installing these roundabouts and the benefits they provide, including decreased congestion, improved safety, and reduced emissions. Kashman also describes the public's reaction to the roundabouts, and provides insights for any jurisdictions considering installing the structures.

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