Safety Council

Chair: Meghan Mitman, Fehr & Peers, Walnut Creek, CA, USA
Vice Chair:Priyanka Alluri, Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA

Guiding Principle: We collaborate and share best practices so that safety is prioritized in all surface transportation investment decisions.


The Safety Council covers the following transportation safety issues:

  • Road Safety Audits and Assessments
  • Safety Data (incl. crash, traffic and roadway inventory data)
  • Safety Analysis (incl. Highway Safety Manual)
  • Intersections (incl. Roundabouts, Signalized and Unsignalized and Access Management)
  • Roadway Departure and Roadside Safety
  • Pedestrian Safety and Accommodations (incl. Accessibility)
  • Bicycle Safety and Accommodations
  • Older and Younger Driver Initiatives
  • Automated Enforcement (incl. Speed and Red Light Systems)
  • School-related Transportation Safety
  • Work Zone Safety and Mobility
  • Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
  • Human Factors
  • Federal, State and Local Safety Programs and Initiatives
  • International Practices and Global Road Safety Initiatives
  • Driver and Public Education

Infographics on Child Safety Awareness

The council’s newsletter provides valuable information to members on the latest reports, studies and research in the area of transportation safety. The council continues to lead ITE’s effort to emphasize safety through its continued sponsorship of work on the development of ITE programs, reports, recommended practices and standards. If you have an article on a safety topic that you would like to appear in the Transportation Safety Council Newsletter, please contact our Newsletter Editor, Brian Chandler at

The council sponsors sessions at ITE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibit that focus on issues noted above. Current projects include Before-and-After Studies and safety aspects of roundabouts. The council also provides reviewers for the Geometric Design Handbook and other safety publications.

A list of Council Executive Committee members can be found in the membership directory under ITE Council Executive Committee members. A list of Council members can be found under ITE Councils. Select the appropriate Council from the dropdown menu and click "Search".

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