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Public Agency Council

Chair: Jennifer Toth, Maricopa County, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Vice Chair: Vishal S. Kakkad, Manatee County Public Works, Bradenton, FL, USA

Public Agency Council

The Public Agency Council is for ITE members with an interest in identifying, developing and delivering relevant products on management, leadership, organizational, institutional and related issues affecting their employment in or interaction with the public sector. Council activities include the sponsorship and development of sessions on public agency issues at ITE’s Technical Conference and Exhibit and Annual Meeting and Exhibit, publishing newsletters, compiling survey of practice information and work on issues relevant to members working in or with the public sector. The Public Agency Council is open to all members of ITE regardless of employer.

A list of Council Executive Committee members can be found in the membership directory under ITE Council Executive Committee members. A list of Council members can be found under ITE Councils. Select the appropriate Council from the dropdown menu and click "Search".

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