Parking Standing Committee

Chair: David Nevarez, City of Dallas, Dallas, TX, USA 

Vice Chair: Erik Zandvliet, City of Manhattan Beach, Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

The Parking Standing Committee was formed to identify, educate and promote effective practices in the planning, design, operations and management of parking facilities. The council will focus on the following areas in the coming years: the relationship between land use and parking supply, (parking generation), parking management programs and transportation engineering issues associated with parking. The council sponsors numerous sessions at ITE’s Technical Conference and Exhibit and Annual Meeting and Exhibit. The council also assisted in developing Parking Generation Informational Report, Third Edition and helps organize new data submissions to ITE.

Other current council activities include the development of a parking management informational report, evaluation of angle parking, assessment of parking technologies and consideration of inputs to the MUTCD on parking signing (specifically for pay and display parking). The council also will be providing review to ITE Handbook chapters on parking.

The council has also implemented the ITE Parking Standing Committee Best Practices Award, an annual award for a project that applies innovative techniques to a parking issue/problem in a study or planning effort.

A list of Council Executive Committee members can be found in the membership directory under ITE Council Executive Committee members. A list of Council members can be found under ITE Councils. Select the appropriate Council from the dropdown menu and click "Search".

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