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Transportation Forensics and Risk Management Council

Chair: Rock Miller, Rock E. Miller & Associates, Orange, CA, USA
Vice Chair: Tom Rush, Focus Forensics, Apple Valley, MN, USA

The Transportation Forensics and Risk Management Council covers issues relating to expert testimony and enhancing professional growth and technical expertise of those serving as expert witnesses in transportation.

The Transportation Forensics and Risk Management Council supports and sponsors events at ITE's Conferences. The sponsored activities are designed to educate and inform its members on such issues as lessons in litigation concerning pedestrian safety, roadway design, roadway safety, and work-zone safety. In addition, the Council continues to periodically update and expand the Expert Witness Information Notebook, which is provided free of charge to each new Council member. The notebook provides background information on expert-witness activities for use as a reference and also provides guidance material for newer members in the forensic field. The Council also has continuing projects that support and promote the goals of the Transportation Forensics and Risk Management Council.



The Council has prepared a power point presentation for council members to present at local and chapter meetings. It is titled, "So You Want to be an Expert? Perspectives from the Transportation Forensics and Risk Management Council." This presentation familiarizes the audience with the Council and advises them on what it takes to be an expert. Please volunteer to present this at your local ITE meeting.

So You Want To Become An Expert
PDF | Powerpoint

The council has also prepared a comprehensive power point presentation module on “Tort Liability and Risk Management Module”. This module familiarizes the audience with what a Transportation Engineer needs to know about the legal process

Tort Liability and Risk Management Module
PDF | Powerpoint

A list of Council Executive Committee members can be found in the membership directory under ITE Council Executive Committee members. A list of Council members can be found under ITE Councils. Select the appropriate Council from the dropdown menu and click "Search."

The Transportation Forensics and Risk Management Council Executive Committee meets on a regular basis, typically via conference call, to conduct Council business, plan new technical initiatives, and share ideas and recent tribunal decisions. All ITE members are welcome and encouraged to attend the Executive Committee meetings.

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