Technical Resources

Coordinating Council

Chair: Jason Crawford, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Arlington, TX, USA
Vice Chair: Eric E. Rensel, Gannett Fleming, Inc., Harrisburg, PA, USA

The Coordinating Council provides leadership and coordination across the councils of activities that provide value to the councils’ membership and the ITE membership at large.



The mission of the ITE Councils is to enhance professional collaboration and advance the technical body of knowledge through communities of common interests.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide communities of common interest and disciplines within the larger ITE community of transportation professionals.
    • Enhance collaboration and communication
    • Support innovation and promote creative responses to timely issues
    • Link professionals and practitioners to advance the profession
    • Build connections to other organizations serving the transportation profession
  • Serve as a link between these communities of common interest and other elements of the Institute, including the ITE international leadership, Districts/Sections, student chapters, and individual ITE members.
    • Develop communication tools for information sharing
    • Expand the use of the web, social media, and other communication tools to engage a broad cross-section of the membership.
  • Be the focal point of communities of common interest for activities, creation of new products and professional development.
    • Develop, collect and distribute technical documents and resources
    • Provide a variety of technical activities and projects to engage a broad range of participation

Action Items

  • Revise the Preparation of Informational Reports document to better reflect the diverse efforts developed by Councils. 
  • Launch the ITE Council Thought Leadership Series through the councils for use by Districts, Sections, and Chapters in developing meeting content.
  • Obtain suggestions on latest “hot topics” from each Council chair annually, as part of the council’s Action Plan update, and continue to promote and coordinate issues that cut across technical disciplines, such as safety, innovation, mobility, and accessibility.
  • Facilitate increased interaction between the councils and the Districts, Sections, and Chapters to identify and enhance communication regarding the exchange of technical knowledge and cutting edge technology.  Council chair to participate in the quarterly phone calls organized by ITE HQ.
  • Facilitate increased recognition of the efforts of Council volunteers through regular posting of recognition on the ITE Community and sharing of volunteer information with the Districts, Sections, and Chapters.
  • Continue to expand outreach tools, learning opportunities (such as webinars), and other services for ITE and council members.
  • Identify and expand opportunities to engage a broader cross section of the ITE membership in council activities.


Standing Committee on Recommended Practices (SCORP)

Chair: Eric E. Rensel, Gannett Fleming, Inc., Harrisburg, PA, USA


ITE Council Operational Information