Technical Resources

Coordinating Council

Chair: Jason Crawford, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Arlington, TX, USA
Vice Chair: Eric E. Rensel, Gannett Fleming, Inc., Harrisburg, PA, USA


The Coordinating Council provides leadership and coordination across the councils of activities that provide value to the councils’ membership and the ITE membership at large.


Deliver a culture of leadership and action resulting in sustainable and value-added technical activities leading to new or improved products for our membership. 


Cultivate robust and transparent communication between the International Board of Direction, Coordinating Council, and Technical Councils and Committees to support activities leading to greater accountability of, value for, growth in, and esteem for ITE Council and Committee chairs that yield benefits to ITE members.


  1. Serve as a conduit between the International Board of Direction (iBOD) and the Councils.
  2. Identify opportunities for coordination and collaboration among councils and committees.
  3. Provide council and committee chairs with resources to deliver products and services.
  4. Invest in leadership growth of council and committee chairs and assist with succession planning.
  5. Maximize volunteer opportunities.

Developing Trends Report

The Developing Trends Report is a collaborative effort of the ITE councils and committees to bring diverse, broad, and deep dialogue among professionals about the role of advanced technologies in transportation planning, engineering, management, and operation.

Developing Trends is an attempt to addresses the question of “What will be relevant to practitioners within the next two years?” This report was made possible through great volunteer work of all councils and committees who identified statements about what topics are important to ITE members. The 2020 Developing Trends Report is now available for download.


ITE Council Operational Information