Transportation Safety

Safe Routes to School Briefing Sheets

These briefings sheets were developed with funding support from the National Center for Safe Routes to School. The briefing sheets are intended for use by transportation engineers and planners to support their active participation in the development and implementation of Safe Routes to School programs and activities.

  1. Introduction
  2. School Site Selection and Off-site Access
  3. Walking and Bicycling Audits
  4. School Route Maps
  5. Strategies to Improve Traffic Operations and Safety
  6. School On-site Design
  7. School Area Traffic Control
  8. Reduced School Area Speed Limits
  9. The Use of Traffic Calming Near Schools

Intersection Safety Briefing Sheets

These briefing sheets concern various intersection safety-related topics.  Their purpose is to enhance communications with the media, decision-makers, the general public and others about intersection safety.  The primary audiences are decision makers and officials who are called upon to comment or make decisions on intersection issues.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Problem
  3. Traffic Control Devices
  4. Stop Signs
  5. Traffic Signals
  6. Engineering Countermeasures to Reduce Red-Light-Running
  7. Using Red-Light Cameras to Reduce Red-Light-Running
  8. Toolbox of Countermeasures and Their Potential Effectiveness to Make Intersections Safer
  9. Pedestrian Safety at Intersections
  10. Older Drivers at Intersections
  11. Pedestrian Design for Accessibility Within the Public Right-of-Way
  12. Human Factors Issues in Intersection Safety
  13. Access Management
  14. Roundabouts
  15. Road Safety Audits: An Emerging and Effective Tool for Improved Safety
  16. Work Zone Intersection Safety
  17. Intersection Safety Resources

All Briefing Sheets in one document. 

Safety Council

State Programs and Initiatives

Vision Zero Site and Safety Toolbox

Other Organizations

Publications and Papers

Local Programs and Initiatives

Strategies and Countermeasures

Infrastructure Intersection Collision Avoidance
U.S. Department of Transportation Intelligent Vehicle Initiative
October 29, 2001

Transportation Professionals Get Involved with Safe Routes to School
ITE Journal, March 2005, Volume 75(3). Parisi, David, P.E. and Brett Hondor. 

Safe Routes to School programs aim to promote walking and bicycling to and from school and improve traffic safety through education, initiatives, law enforcement and engineering measures. Successful programs require the involvement of transportation professionals—the experts a community turns to for technical advice and identification of feasible engineering solutions. 

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The ITE Transportation Safety Council is seeking nominations for its two annual awards for outstanding contributions to the field of traffic safety.

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