ITE Journal

Editorial Calendar

Content and issue focus are subject to change


September: ITE Annual Awards and Professional Development
Content Due/Ad Close: July 19
Art Due: July 27

October: Transportation as Public Space (Community building, placemaking, public connectivity)
Content Due/Ad Close: August 23
Art Due: August 30

November: Transportation Legislation and Funding
Ad Close: September 20
Art Due: September 27

December: ITE Year in Review/Annual Report Issue
Ad Close: October 24
Art Due: October 31

ITE Initiative Areas to Cover as Themes and Throughout Year:

  • Vision Zero and Safety
  • Smart Communities
  • Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV)
  • Transportation and Health
  • Mobility as a Service


January: Leadership
Content Due/Ad Close: November 15
Art Due: November 26

February: Equity
Content Due/Ad Close: December 16
Art Due: December 30

March: Signals (rail, pedestrian, traffic) 
Content Due/Ad Close: January 16
Art Due: January 30

April: CAVs: Future or Reality? 
Content Due/Ad Close: February 21
Art Due: February 28

May: Safe Systems and Speed Management 
Content Due/Ad Close: March 23
Art Due: March 30

June: Mobility as a Service/Mobility on Demand
Content Due/Ad Close: April 20
Art Due: May 1

July: Active Transportation (Ped/Bike/Micro-mobility)  
Content Due/Ad Close: May 4
Art Due: May 20

August: Joint ITE International and Southern District Annual Meeting and Exhibit Issue
Content Due/Ad Close: June 12
Art Due: June 26

September: Rural and Small Community Transportation
Content Due/Ad Close: July 20
Art Due: July 28

October: ITE Annual Awards and Professional Development
Content Due/Ad Close: August 21
Art Due: August 28

November: Urban Planning and Complete Streets
Ad Close: September 21
Art Due: September 28

December: ITE Year in Review/Annual Report Issue    
Ad Close: October 23
Art Due: October 30