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  • Career Connect with Students and Professionals — Six ITE panelists help students learn about essential skills needed in order to get a job in the transportation field and take on a leadership role in your career. Topics to be discussed include career planning, networking, and job application skills, perhaps with a leadership/management perspective.

  • Transportation Career Paths and Opportunities — You have decided you are interested in a career path as a transportation professional, but you are unsure which sector is the right fit for you. This webinar will offer you a glimpse into what to expect from careers in the public sector, private sector, and education. You will also learn about resources offered by ITE to support your growth as you enter your transportation career
  • Exploring Certifications as a Part of Your Career Development  — Certification can be a significant differentiator in today’s competitive job market. With certification, you can prove to prospective employers that you have expertise in your field. 

    During this webinar, you will hear about the certifications offered by the Transportation Professional Certification Board (TPCB): Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE); Professional Transportation Planner (PTP); Road Safety Professional, Level 1 (RSP1); Road Safety Professional Level 2 (RSP2). Presenters will speak about why they pursued certification and how it has helped their career development.

  • Advancing Your Career through Certification — How can you differentiate yourself in today’s competitive job market? One avenue is demonstrating advanced knowledge and expertise as well as a high level of dedication through the achievement of certification. 

Participants will also hear about the preparatory resources available through ITE as well as general information about the certification process:

  • Learn how certification can benefit your career development and make you more attractive to prospective employers
  • Learn about available preparatory resources
  • Understand general policies and procedures about the certification process




ITE Talks Transportation is a collaboration between ITE and Bernie Wagenblast, founder and editor of the Transportation Communication Newsletter and host of Transportation Radio. Each month, a new podcast features a thought leader within the transportation industry. In keeping with #transportationtuesday, a new episode will be available the 4th Tuesday of every month.

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Now Available — ITS information for students at the undergraduate and graduate level within civil engineering/transportation programs to prepare students for the interdisciplinary nature of highways, transit, infrastructure, and other multimodal requirements within roadway systems.