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The ITE Public Agency Council Achievement Award seeks to recognize public agencies that achieve excellence. This award is not directed toward the technical work of the agency, which may be recognize by such awards as the Transportation Achievement Awards, but rather how the agency conducts its business. By recognizing excellence in management and for the implementation of innovative ideas, the Public Agency Council underscores the importance of the support systems that provide for the delivery of outstanding outcomes in transportation engineering, planning, operations, or related activities.



Eligibility extends to local governments, regional organizations, state or provincial agencies, and transportation districts and authorities. The award may be divided into more than one category, depending on the size of the agencies submitting entries for the competition.



Award will consist of a trophy or plaque given at the ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibit and recognition in ITE Journal.


Submission/Selection Process

Entries will be reviewed by members of the Executive Committee of the Public Agency Council using the criteria below.

  1. Nominations are due via no later than March 1.
  2. A review committee will review and score each application received and decide on a winner by April 1.
  3. The submissions should include the agency’s name, address, website, and the name of the member submitting the nomination including phone number and email address. All submissions are limited to 10 pages including a cover letter.
  4. The description must communicate how the management practice or program is specifically related to the agency’s ability to deliver outstanding outcomes in transportation engineering, planning, operations, or related activity.
  5. Additional information may be provided to help describe the practice or program. This may include brochures, manuals, press coverage, photographs, etc. The information must be submitted in sufficient detail to allow objective judging of these efforts The 10-page limit is inclusive of additional information.

If you have questions, please contact Amanda Brauer at with the subject line: Public Agency Council Achievement Award.


Judging Criteria

  • 30 points – Application of innovative ideas
  • 20 points  –  Exhibits a commitment to the advancement of the profession/Industry (Includes level of community impact and benefits to the agency and its citizens)
  • 40 points – Strong applicability to the industry (and transferability to other agencies)
  • 10 points  –  Well-balanced scope and format



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