ITE Informational Reports


Publication Date


Crosswalk Policy Guide -  an ITE Informational Report

September 2022
Prohibition of Turns on Red at Signalized Intersections July 2022

Best Practices in Selecting Transportation Consultants

May 2021

Micromobility Facility Design Guide - an ITE Informational Report

April 2021

Sustainable Traffic Signal Development: An Informational Report of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (PDF format only)

March 2020

Transit and Traffic Impact Studies State of the Practice: An Informational Report of the Institute of Transportation Engineers

February 2019

Implementing Context Sensitive Design on Multimodal Corridors: A Practitioner's Handbook

November 2017

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety in Parking Facilities

February 2017

Lines, Signs, Signals...What Do People Really Know and Do?

October 2015

Integration of Safety in the Project Development Process and Beyond: A Context Sensitive Approach

May 2015

Sight Triangle and Corner Clearance Policies at Intersections and Driveways

August 2014

Sustainable Transportation: State of the Practice Review

August 2013

Methods and Practices for Setting Speed Limits

August 2012

Pavement Marking Patterns Used at Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossings

November 2010

Methodologies for the Determination of Advisory Speeds

September 2010

Enhancing Intersection Safety Through Roundabouts

December 2008

Management and Operations of ITS

December 2008

ITE Collision Reporting Research: Assessing the Collision Data Needs of Transportation Engineers: An ITE Informational Report

July 2008

Survey of Practice for Signing and Markings near Schools

May 2008

Using Existing Loops at Signalized Intersections for Traffic Counts

January 2008

Benefits of Retiming Traffic Signals

April 2005

Survey of Traffic Circulation and Safety at School Sites

October 1998

Traffic Operations Planning for Stadia and Arenas

February 1994

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