Diversity and Inclusion

ITE believes that differences in background and experience enrich the culture and experiences of ITE for our membership as they do for the communities in which we live and work. Because personal experience and identity shape how people see the world, greater inclusion will provide a more thoughtful, open, and integrated sharing of ideas and experiences across the entire global membership. It is to the benefit of all our members to seek greater diversity of ideas and experiences that will help us to be in a position to tackle transportation’s biggest challenges and to develop the preparedness and resilience that ITE will need to address future challenges that cannot be currently defined.

Actively encouraging participation from traditionally underrepresented groups to pursue careers in transportation and to become members as well as leaders within ITE is one means to bring a more diverse and inclusive membership into ITE.

With that in mind and in support of our strategic plan, ITE President, Michael Sanderson, established the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. This committee, led by Alyssa Rodriguez is working to identify both activities and systematic policies to strategically enable diversity and inclusion efforts throughout ITE.

One of the first activities the committee undertook, was supporting the participation of ITE members in the STEM Inclusion Study, a broad scale survey into the workplace experiences of thousands of individuals within the science and technology fields. As a result of ITE’s participation, we released the following analysis in the July 2018 ITE Journal:

ITE benefits from having a strong foundation of diversity and inclusion policies because we create an environment where our members feel valued and they are encouraged to share different perspectives, putting us in a position to help our members benefit from innovative and creative solutions.


ITE Diversity and Inclusion Draft Policy – Open for Comment

The International Board of Direction (IBOD) requested that the ITE Diversity and Inclusion Committee, under the leadership of co-chairs Alyssa Reynolds Rodriguez and Jeff Riegner, create an ITE Diversity and Inclusion Policy.  The IBOD reviewed this draft policy at the 2019 May Board Meeting in New Haven, CT and recommended it be presented to the ITE membership for open comment. 

The draft policy can be accessed here:  ITE Diversity and Inclusion Draft Policy. Please send your comments to Colleen Agan at with a subject line of Diversity and Inclusion Policy, by Friday, June 21st