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ITE International Collegiate Traffic Bowl


2023 Traffic Bowl Schedule

Each year, since 2009, ITE student chapters from Canada and the United States participate in a competition known as the ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl. This competition features teams comprised of up to 3 students testing their knowledge of ITE, transportation planning and engineering topics as well as some fun categories. Since the Traffic Bowl was introduced as an international program, 121 ITE student chapters have participated in a traffic bowl tournament at section or district events. The teams winning an ITE district competition advance to compete in the Collegiate Traffic Bowl Grand Championship, conducted annually at ITE’s International Annual Meeting and Exhibit.

In 2022, the Traffic Bowl Grand Championship tournament was held in person during the ITE International Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The Clemson University's ITE student chapter team won the 2022 tournament, and their name has been added to the Voigt/Davis Cup, the trophy for Traffic Bowl Grand Championship.  Click here to see the list of previous winners.



The first ITE District Traffic Bowl tournament commences in March or April of each year to qualify teams for the Grand Championship.  The results to date and the current schedule are shown below.  For details on participating in your district’s traffic bowl, contact the District Coordinator

The Grand Championship Traffic Bowl will be conducted on August 14, 2023, during the ITE International Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Portland, OR.

 2023 ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl

2023 District & Grand Championship Tournaments Schedule
(as of December 2023 - dates and locations are pending)
Date and Time 
(all times ET)
District Champion
Western District Virtual Competition February 11, 2023 Oregon State University
Florida Puerto Rico District Orlando, FL February 22, 2023 University of Florida
Southern District Savannah, GA March 19-22, 2023  
Northeastern District Amherst, MA April 13, 2023  
Texas District Lubbock, TX April 13, 2023  
Mid-Colonial District Pittsburgh, PA April 17, 2023  
ITE Canada Winnipeg, MB June 5, 2023  
Great Lakes District Grand Rapids, MI June 5, 2023  
Missouri Valley District Cedar Rapids, IA June 21-23, 2023  
Mountain District St. George, UT June 21-23, 2023  
Grand Championship Portland, OR August 14, 2023  

Thank you to Econolite for their donation of traffic bowl equipment for each of ITE’s Districts.


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