Events / Meetings

ITE Younger Member Committee presents

April 1-June 30

All younger members are invited to participate in a variety of activities to earn points while engaging with ITE.

Learn more about how to earn points.
Participate in the challenge.

Prizes for this year's challenge include:

  • Discount codes for ITE purchases, 
  • Amazon gift cards; and even
  • A free registration for the Joint ITE International and Western District Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

Join the Following Scheduled Happy Hours:

Special thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 Younger Member Challenge: Navigating to New Orleans.

  1. Enamul Karim Fayek (Texas District)
  2. Tyler Krage (Great Lakes District)
  3. Ashley Fillback (Great Lakes District)
  4. Anamaria Torres (Texas District)
  5. Tyler Dane Hartman (Mid-Colonial District)
  6. Morgan Nelson (Great Lakes District)
  7. Victoria Edington (Mountain District)
  8. Kimberly Leung (Western District)
  9. Claudio Figueroa (Florida Puerto Rico District)
  10. Mohammad Al-Akash (Great Lakes District)
  11. Emmanuel Nketah (Missouri Valley District)
  12. Noelle Rauer (Southern District)
  13. Jianyuan Xu (Mountain District)
  14. Kellie Reep (Southern District)
  15. Joshua Wolfgram (Southern District)
  16. Jennifer Warner Hayman (Mid-Colonial District)
  17. Maria Bassil (Texas District)
  18. Mariam Bello (Canadian District)
  19. Marvin Ta (Mid-Colonial District)


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