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Micromobility Sandbox Design Competition Project Data

Study Section

The competition will focus on a three block section on Bridger Avenue from Casino Center Boulevard to Las Vegas Boulevard (Google Maps geolocation  The solution must consider both midblock operations and intersection operations. 

Download Data -

This is a large file that may take a minute to load. 


The study section provides a combination of the following conditions:

  • On-street parking
  • Pedestrian, bike and vehicular activity
  • Adjacent commercial uses, including some office, main street retail and the Golden Nugget casino
  • Bulb-outs and auxiliary turning lanes at some intersections
  • Painted bike lane
  • There is no transit service currently on Bridger Avenue

The following information is provided for the competition:

  • Plan view - Main to 7th
  • Cross sections - Main to 7th
  • Traffic counts, parking regulations and governing design policies - Main to 7th
  • Assessor’s Parcels
  • Land Use Zoning


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