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Micromobility Sandbox Design Competition Challenge

Competition Schedule

Team Formation and Categories

  • There are two categories of teams
    • Students
    • Professional
  • Teams can include an unlimited number of participants. Collaboration between urban planners, engineers, architects, among others, is encouraged.
  • There needs to be a minimum of one ITE member on each team. ITE members cannot serve on multiple teams.

Submission Deliverables

The submission should focus on a broad solution, showcasing the vision your team has for micro-mobility options. Your team does not need to provide a comprehensive solution. Submissions should be creative and innovative yet practical. 

  • Participants must select a second location of their choosing in addition to the Las Vegas corridor to illustrate the transferability of their approach.
  • Concepts or ideas may be transferred from this location to Las Vegas or vice versa.
  • Submissions are limited to 10 pages covering both locations.
  • No more than 4 hand sketches, renderings or photo collages used to illustrate solutions.
  • Participants are encouraged to use a wide range of software or analysis tools in the design process and to summarize the results within the 10 page narrative.
  • Submission should address the expected impacts of the proposed design solution on safety and system operations (particularly at intersections) along with the economic impacts on adjacent land owners.
  • Teams are encouraged but not required to submit one-minute videos of their submission.


A panel of six judges will be established by ITE. This panel will oversee both the professional and student competition. 

For each team category, submissions will be evaluated on three primary criteria and their supporting elements.


  • Originality
  • Creativity


  • Safety
  • Operations
  • Economics


  • Transferability
  • Adaptablity
  • Constructability


The top two teams in both the professional and student category will be invited to present their solutions as part of the Joint ITE International and Southern District Annual Meeting and Exhibition in New Orleans, LA USA. Teams will take question from the audience. 

  •  The winning team will be presented with an ITE Micro-Mobility Design Competition Award at the Annual Awards Lunch on April 11. 
  • Press and industry announcements will be issued highlighting the finalists and winners.
  • One paid full registration will be provided to a representative from each of the two teams that are finalists.
  • One paid full registration and travel expenses will be provided to a representative from each of the two student teams that are finalists.
  • The design from the two winning teams (professional and student) will be featured in an issue of ITE Journal
  • Other innovative submissions will be highlighted in ITE Journal and included on this web site.