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Micro-Mobility Sandbox Design Competition

Shape the Future of the Urban Landscape

Cities are being challenged by a growing number of micro-mobility options that are changing the way we need to look at mobility within our downtowns. Demand on curb space is increasing. Traditional uses such as parking, package delivery, and pick-up/drop-off is now competing with the desire to incorporate bike lanes, shared bike and e-scooter storage as well as non-transportation uses as sidewalks cafes, rain gardens, and parklets.

Moreover, new micro-mobility options (e.g., scooter, e-bikes) are bringing a new set of challenges. Due to the limited right-of-way, cities must face with accommodating all users.

Held in conjunction with the Joint ITE International and Southern District Annual Meeting and Exhibition, the goal of ITE Micro-Mobility Sandbox Design Competition is to identify innovative solutions where current and future micro-mobility can co-exist with both faster and slower moving options.

Form a team to develop innovative design solutions that can best accommodate the wide range of users of urban rights-of-way, including current and future micro-mobility options. Deadline for submissions is April 1, 2020.





The ITE Micro-Mobility Sandbox Design Competition is sponsored by:


ITE Consultants Council
ITE Industry Council
ITE Public Agency Council