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Western District/San Diego Section: Fall Technical Webinar Series - Session 1: MUTCD Update – Part 1

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Session 1: MUTCD Update – Part 1
Noon – 1:00 PM (Pacific)

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) may be the singular most influential transportation publication in the United States. This Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)-issued publication applies to all roads open to public travel in the United States. From the moment you leave your house—by car, by bike, scooter, or on foot—your travel is influenced by the MUTCD. A number of organizations have been making this point when responding to the current Notice of Proposed Amendments (NPA) to update the Manual for the first time in 11 years, which resulted in more than 25,000 comments to the docket. ITE’s response is available here and was based on a thorough review of the 800 pages of proposed changes by ITE’s  representatives from the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD), key ITE Technical Councils and Committees, ITE staff, and individual members. Other groups have made detailed comments to FHWA such as AASHTO members and NCUTCD which will be discussed. Find out more about what folks asked FHWA to consider in the final rule making (and no – none of use knows when the new MUTCD may be available but it is likely not before 2022 and could be into 2023).

Host:  Ryan Zellers, Department Manager – Traffic Engineering, Michael Baker International, Western District Advertising Manager

Randy McCourt, ITE International Past President (moderator)
Jeff Riegner, Vice president, transportation planner and engineer, Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP, Mid-Colonial District International Director
Mike Kimlinger, Oregon DOT State Traffic Engineer, NCUTCD member

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