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Traffic Control at Intersections

When two roadways intersect, various modes of traffic are commonly stopped, slowed or restricted by the use of traffic control devices resulting in an “interrupted flow.” Since the traffic control is critical at intersections, it is important that uniform design and implementation of these devices be considered. This webinar will focus primary on introducing many of the concepts found in Chapter 10 of the Traffic Engineering Handbook entitled “Design and Control for Interrupted Traffic Flow Through Intersections.” Concepts include the various elements and characteristics of an intersection, the different types of intersection control, a review of the traffic signal warrants, development of a traffic signal timing plan, and various types of intersection control technologies. 

Learning Objectives

This webinar aims to provide transportation engineers and practitioners with the basic principles of a controlled intersection resulting in an interrupted flow condition.

Adam Allen and Kyle Othmer
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Fees: $149 Members/$199 Non-Members
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