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Smart Columbus Program: Multimodal Trip Planning Application (Pivot) Webinar: Test Plan and Results and Go-Live

When: Thursday, January 28,  2021, 1:30 - 3:00 PM ET

Webinar Background:

Through the USDOT's Smart City Challenge, in 2016, the Department selected Columbus, Ohio, to define what it means to be a "smart city" and serve as a model for other cities wishing to fully integrate innovative technologies--such as automated vehicles, connected vehicles, and applications--into the transportation network. The goal of the Smart Columbus program is to connect people by creating opportunity for city residents to better access jobs and services while improving the overall safety and efficiency of the city's transportation network. The Smart Columbus program is comprised of eight individual projects covering three themes--enabling technologies, emerging technologies, and enhanced human services.

As part of the City of Columbus’s response to the Smart City Challenge, City leaders focused in part on determining how an integrated smart transportation system would encourage use of multimodal trips, since citizens in urban areas increasingly view mobility as a service, and expect seamless connections as they move from mode to mode. Motivation for the Multimodal Trip Planning Application (MMTPA) project stemmed from this discussion. Additional considerations were gaps in the current system, such as lack of access to coordinated multimodal options, and lack of ability to compare prices across modes. The MMTPA project provides these new functionalities and improve on existing functionality.

The MMTPA, branded as Pivot, is a complete multimodal trip planning solution for travelers in the Columbus region. Travelers download and install the Pivot from Android and iOS app stores or access from a digital kiosk or website on a personal computer. Pivot is integrated with mobility providers through application programming interfaces (APIs). Pivot was locally designed to optimize residents’ movement around the region using the area’s unique mix of transit options like COTA bus, ride-hailing, carpool, bikes, scooters, taxis and even a resident’s own car. Pivot optimizes a traveler’s route based on personal needs and preferences and provides flexibility whether in a personal vehicle or using transit or shared mobility. The trips presented to the traveler can be mono-modal or multi-modal. Because of the APIs with mobility providers, payment is seamless in Pivot.

Pivot launched publicly on December 9, 2020 and is moving into the data collection and performance measurement phases. The project team began the test plan in Summer 2020 and conducted extensive testing in the months leading up to launch. With testing complete, the City will be publishing the Final Test Plan and Draft Test Results in January 2021. The Smart City Challenge grant will conclude in May 2021.

Webinar Details: 

This webinar will focus on the path to go-live. It will provide an overview of the test plan, and a summary of the results to date, along with lessons learned from the testing process. It will also provide information around the marketing effort for the application, including the complexities of launching in 2020, testing and launch schedule and lessons learned.

For more information on the Smart Columbus Program, please visit:


  • Andy Wolpert, P.E. | City of Columbus; Deputy Program Manager
  • Darlene Magold | Etch; Application Developer
  • Alex Kavanagh | HNTB; Technical Lead
  • Alyssa Chenault | City of Columbus; Communications Project Manager


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