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Pavement Markings - What, Where, Why, When and Liability Concerns

When: Thursday, October 7, 2021 -- 2:00 - 3:30 PM ET

This webinar is led by the ITE Traffic Engineering Council.

Webinar Description:

Like signs and traffic signals, pavement markings are traffic control devices that are intended to communicate with road users. Some pavement markings are used in isolation, and others are intended to function in conjunction with other traffic control devices, such as signs or traffic signals.

Some pavement markings are required, and others are discretionary. More than any other traffic control device, pavement markings can be faded, or obscured by water, snow, or vertical curvature to roads. Due to the relatively short useful life of pavement markings compared to other traffic control devices, maintaining pavement markings in useable condition is a critical maintenance activity.

With the advent and potential future expansion of automated and connected vehicles, there has been a push for wider lane and edge lines for roadways. Such a change has been found to have potential safety benefits. However, the cost implications of such a universal departure from current practices have been of considerable concern to transportation agencies.

One specific topic that will be covered is the pros and cons of 6” edge line markings. Why should agencies consider using 6” vs 4” edge line markings? This presentation will examine some the things to consider when thinking about edge line delineation. More is often better, but do the benefits outweigh the additional costs? The presentation will look at Florida’s 30 years of experience with wider lines and discuss the Crash Modification Factors that are applicable to this discussion.

This webinar will cover the need, categories, design and application of pavement markings, as well as the need to maintain them. Methods of assessing the condition of pavement markings will be covered. Proposed changes to the MUTCD will also be presented. Finally, this webinar will cover the need and application of pavement markings from a liability perspective using real-world examples by an expert witness.

Learning Objectives:
Attendees of this webinar will be able to:

  • Identify the need and appropriate application of pavement markings
  • As traffic engineers, describe methods to assess the condition of pavement markings
  • Recognize the basic understanding of the risk and liability involved with pavement markings


  • Larry Hagen, RSP, Owner | Hagen Consulting Services, LLC | Ray City, GA, USA
  • Gordon Meth, PTOE, Expert Witness | Robson Forensic | Lake Hiawatha, NJ, USA

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