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NCITE & ITS-MN: Emerging Technologies Meeting (Virtual and In-Person)

Join NCITE & ITS-MN (in person) on December 5th to learn about Connected Solutions for your growing Smart City.

With so many solutions coming to the market that are using AI, Machine Learning, connected vehicle technology and cloud based platforms we are rapidly propelling the technologies of cities into the future.  From using Connected Car probe data, to connecting your city with RSU’s and Connected Vehicle Interfaces to being connected to your weather situations in real time,  there are many new innovative solutions to keep your city on the Smart City cutting edge. 

In this presentation TAPCO’s Natalie Zaffke and Brian Scharles will talk about some of the new cutting-edge solutions that they have brought on and the use cases related.  We will start with Connected Vehicle applications utilizing TAPCO’s Connected Vehicle Interface along w/RSU’s and a couple of projects TAPCO did with the City of Madison, WI and City of Austin, TX.  Then talk about No Traffic’s detection that utilizes AI fusion detection of Radar and Video, comes with a built-in RSU and has many more features and capabilities.  We will talk about some cities in Arizona and Texas who have had great success with this system.  Next talk about the mini RWIS which is revolutionizing the weather market by being solar powered, connected, and giving real time data of what is going on weather wise where it is deployed.  This can also be used for situational awareness and Minnesota’s own Washington County already have some deployed.  Lastly, we will introduce Flow Labs who some may already be familiar with as Nathan Wade is an ITS MN member.  We will talk about ways that Maricopa County, AZ and Norwalk, CT are using the platform to increase safety, prove out traffic issues along with solutions to solve them, along with so much more.



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 (Virtual and In-Person)

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