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ITE Public Agency Open Forum

The Public Agency Council will be hosting an open forum, an opportunity for public agency members to discuss key topics, on April 25, 3-4:30 eastern. We invite all public agencies to join in this open discussion to share experiences, questions, and to learn from one another related to three topics:

  • Safe System Approach:  How are agencies approaching infrastructure projects related to the Safe System Approach? Is there a balance of large vs. small/medium projects? Also, are agencies looking at policies and standards in addition to infrastructure projects?
  • Workforce development/management:  With limited funding and lots of work, how are agencies supporting their staff development and helping to foster interest in public careers?
  • Innovation in project development and delivery:  What is everyone looking at from new materials, quick build options, etc? What is new and exciting that people want to share?

This forum is open to public agency members and you can register here: ITE Public Agency Open Forum

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Hope to see you in April.