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ITE Presents on FHWA Curbside Inventory Report

Demand for curb space across the United States has only continued to increase and diversify.  New modes have been introduced on the street, and there are more mobility service providers needing to be regulated by agencies.

Additionally, agencies continue to find innovative strategies and technologies to inventory and manage use of the curb space that use transportation infrastructure to connect neighborhoods, create livable communities, and promote economic development.  

FHWA presenters will provide an overview of Curbside Management concepts and related research. The ITE project lead will summarize the report, and answer questions live and through the chat pod.

Webinar presenters include: 

  • Shari Schaftlein (FHWA),
  • Valerie Briggs (ITS-JPO),
  • Jeff Price (FHWA), and
  • Sarah Abel (ITE). 

For more information, contact Jeff Price at

The webinar will take place on October 7, from 1:00-2:00 PM ET.  No registration is required for this event, but space is limited to the first 250 participants via MS Teams Meeting Link.