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ITE Manitoba Section Webinar - Traffic and Transportation Impacts of COVID-19 in Winnipeg, MB

July 16th, 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (CDT)

Description/Objectives: A number of transportation professionals from the City of Winnipeg will share the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on traffic volumes, active transportation and transit in the city as well as their experiences in responding to them.


Host: Jennifer Chapman, Manitoba Infrastructure

Speaker 1: Tyler George, City of Winnipeg

Speaker 2: Chris Baker, City of Winnipeg

Speaker 3: Bjorn Radstrom, City of Winnipeg


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Tyler George is a professional engineer with 5 years of experience. He began his career at Dillon Consulting before moving to the Traffic Signal Timing group at the City of Winnipeg and now works as the Transportation Planning Engineer, managing the City of Winnipeg’s Traffic Monitoring Program.

Title/Synopsis: Tyler will discuss the City’s traffic monitoring program and the recent traffic trends related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tyler will also add in some information about the City’s permanent bike counters.


Chris Baker is a Registered Professional Planner and has practiced for over 10 years. He is the City of Winnipeg’s Senior Active Transportation (AT) Planner, leading the AT branch in Public Works where he oversees the Pedestrian and Cycling Program and implementation of the Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies.  

Title/Synopsis: Winnipeg’s open streets. From socially distant recreational opportunities to bike boom.  


Bjorn Radstrom is a registered professional engineer, and has been working his entire career in the field of transportation planning. He has been with Winnipeg Transit for 13 years – the first 5 as the Transit Planner, and the past 8 as the Manager of Service Development, where he oversees planning and schedules.

Title: Planning transit service in a pandemic

Synopsis: How do you plan transit service during a pandemic when everything is turned upside down? Some people are working from home, some businesses are closed, and some businesses are operating at reduced capacity, and all of this is constantly changing. So how do you figure out how much transit service to put out, and where and when it’s needed?