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ITE Joint Sections Diversity and Inclusion Webinar Series Session 3: Agency Voices in Transportation

March 3
Noon-1:00 p.m. PT

Public agencies in transportation have been dealing with diversity for some time, in the form of EEO and DBE policies. How has this impacted their career trajectory and that of transportation professionals working for public agencies? For the agency(s) they are working at, what are ways they address diversity and inclusion? What have best practices looked like? What role has this had in improving transportation outcomes for their communities?

Moderator: Neelam Dorman, City of Anaheim, Principal Transportation Planner

Eddie Curtis, FHWA, Traffic Management Specialist
Darcy Akers, City of Bellevue, Transportation Engineer
Ryan Russo, City of Oakland, Director, Department of Transportation

More information: DIVERSITY & INCLUSION WEBINAR SERIES – Western ITE Annual Meeting