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Introduction to Digital Twins in Transportation

When: Thursday, April 25, 2024 | 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET

This webinar is led by the ITE Traffic Engineering Council.

Webinar Description:

Digital twins are an emerging technology that is transforming the planning, design and maintenance of transportation systems. Digital twins are virtual representations representation of a transportation system. That system could range in size from a metropolitan area and larger, down to individual vehicles. They could be any combination of modes. These representations are used to imitate real-life conditions in a digital form, where alternative scenarios can be tested to estimate problems, benefits and interactions before costly projects are built.

Too often, plans and designs are revised due mainly to a lack of a true understanding on how they will fit in the real world and how people will react to them. Digital twins provide the ability to identify potential issues early, enabling changes to be made prior to construction for optimum safety and operational efficiency.

This webinar will present an introduction to what digital twins are, what forms they can take, and how they can be used to make transportation and our industry better. Today, twins are being used to identify congestion before it occurs, and test solutions to optimize flow and safety, and minimize fuel consumptions and vehicle emissions. They can be used to predict delays dues to events such as bad weather, crashes and others – enabling better monitoring of traffic and infrastructure conditions, and proactive responses to minimize impacts and maximize facility investments. They can also aid in planning for future multi-modal infrastructure needs, improve safety, improve public transportation efficiency, help make freight transport more efficient, and even help make better individual vehicles. This webinar will introduce people to how digital twins are being used in our industry, and how they can possibly use them in their daily lives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what digital twins are and the roles they are playing in the transportation profession.
  • Describe the various primary uses of digital twins in transportation.
  • Recall how digital twins can be employed to improve transportation systems and the daily lives of travelers.
  • Recognize the benefits of using digital twins.


Chuck Huffine, PTOE, Traffic and Planning Practice Lead | Mead & Hunt | Lakewood Ranch, Florida, United States


  • Kevin Comstock, Director of Transportation Systems | KCI Technologies | Louisville, KY, United States

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