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Communicating Technical Topics to Non-Technical Audiences In- Person and Virtually: Session 3 -- Asking Powerful Questions and Listening to for the Answers that Really Matter

Communicating Technical Topics to Non-Technical Audiences: Session 3 -- Asking Powerful Questions and Listening to for the Answers that Really Matter?


When: Thursday, September 17, 2020 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET

Webinar Description:

Powerful questions get beyond a surface understanding of the people and the project. Skillful questions uncover the “why” behind a project and its importance to the client, citizen or decision-maker. Active listening makes your stakeholder feel heard and validated and can calm a tense situation. Through active listening, discover technical aspects of the project and the non-technical aspects that are tied to feelings that motivate behaviors.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to use powerful questions that get under the surface of the key project players; and
  • Develop effective listening skills that calm agitated citizens, clients or politicians so that they have the brain power to hear your key points.


Interactive Live Web Event:
The instructor will engage the audience during this 60-minute web event using the following features:

  • Chat Pod, Raised Hands/Reaction buttons, polls, and more. We encourage you to join 10 minutes early to learn how to use these functions.
  • Weekly Reminder Emails sent to Registrants for the 6 weeks following this webinar.

Instructor: Shelley Row, President & CEO | Shelley Row Associates, LLC


Individual Session Fees:

Members: $120.00   

Non-member: $170.00

Each Individual Session fee includes:
  • 1 live interactive web events 
  • Weekly emails from the instructor with bite size tips and reminders for improving your management skills as a transportation professional
  • Session recording will be available to stream for all registrants for 60 days after the last webinar in the workshop.
  • Downloadable PDF Handouts
  • 1 PDH Credit


Full Workshop Information: If you want to learn more about the other sessions and purchase the Full Workshop please visit the course page on the ITE Learning Hub here.