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Communicating Technical Topics to Non-Technical Audiences In-Person and Virtually: Session 1 -- The World Has Gone Virtual! Learn to Design Impactful, Brain-Friendly Webinars That Stick

Communicating Technical Topics to Non-Technical Audiences: Session 1 --The World Has Gone Virtual! Learn to Design Impactful, Brain-Friendly Webinars That Stick


Rescheduled: When: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET

Webinar Description:

Your research results or the project options are described by graphs, charts and words (lots of words). They fill the PowerPoint slides. The content seems mind-numbing to the unfamiliar. The analysis is complicated and can’t be simplified. Or can it? And now, you have to present this information in a webinar which makes connecting with your audience even more difficult. Webinars don’t have to be mind-numbing. Learn techniques to design webinars that are engaging, interesting and clear. Discover simple techniques to design your visuals for positive impact and leverage the power of storytelling. Plus, you can send in PowerPoint slides that you struggle with and see them transformed for enhanced understanding.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the tricks of designing an impactful webinar that connects with the audience;
  • Create slides that reduce cognitive load so that the audience isn’t exhausted;
  • Develop stories that create lasting connection; and
  • Design presentations with focal point and visual images to enhance your hard-core results.


Interactive Live Web Event:
The instructor will engage the audience during this 60-minute web event using the following features:

  • Chat Pod, Raised Hands/Reaction buttons, polls, and more. We encourage you to join 10 minutes early to learn how to use these functions.
  • Weekly Reminder Emails sent to Registrants for the 6 weeks following this webinar.

Instructor: Shelley Row, President & CEO | Shelley Row Associates, LLC


Individual Session Fees:

Members: $120.00   

Non-member: $170.00

Each Individual Session fee includes:
  • 1 live interactive web events 
  • Weekly emails from the instructor with bite size tips and reminders for improving your management skills as a transportation professional
  • Session recording will be available to stream for all registrants for 60 days after the last webinar in the workshop.
  • Downloadable PDF Handouts
  • 1 PDH Credit


Full Workshop Information: If you want to learn more about the other sessions and purchase the Full Workshop please visit the course page on the ITE Learning Hub here.