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Blended Learning Course: Data Archiving and Analytics for Planning, Operations, and Safety

ITE has entered into a partnership with the the Consortium for Innovative Transportation Education at the University of Maryland (CITE) to offer CITE course registration through the ITE Learning Hub. ITE Members receive a discount on all CITE courses, Professional Development Bundles, and Certificate Programs by registering through ITE.

This ITE and Consortium for Innovative Transportation Education Blended Learning Course begins begins Friday, October 16, 2020. Registration closes at 12 pm ET, October 15, or once we reach course capacity.

When: Friday, October 16, 2020 - December 14, 2020 (ET)

This course is designed to help you understand the benefits of creating an open and accessible data archive of your agency’s data. It will also explain the challenges you might face in trying to make your agency’s data more open and available to others, and ways in which you can mitigate those challenges. After showing you some real-world examples of how data can be leveraged for better decision making and analysis, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of building your very own archive, leveraging technologies that others have developed, or paying a consultant to help you with your archiving needs.

Instructor: Michael Pack
Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT) Lab

ITE Member Discounted Fee: $319.00
Non-member: $399.00
This fee includes access to three interactive conference calls and two workshops. The full course syllabus is availble in the Learning Hub.
Please allow 7 business days following purchase to receive course information. ITE will provide the Consortium for Innovative Transportation Education a roster of new registrants on a weekly basis. All content including web conferences, workshops, and the exam will be delivered on the Consortium for Innovation Transportation Education's Learning Management System. This offering is not eligible for free registration for ITE student members.