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Nearly 13,000 members of the Institute of Transportation Engineers are on the leading edge of issues through their participation in ITE’s special interest councils. Nine councils (currently 6 technical and 3 employer-type councils) are available for our members to subscribe to and participate in via the ITE Community website.

Members subscribed to each of these special interest councils (listed in the right hand column of this webpage) on ITE Community will have access to real-time discussions, informal presentations/reports, documents, newsletters, blogs, and call for volunteers and project updates that cover emerging trends, proposed legislation and regulation. Members are provided micro volunteer opportunities and the chance to engage with individuals who play key roles in cutting edge topics of interest to the membership. Join here!

Subscribing to any of the six area-of-practice technical councils on the ITE Community also provides opportunities to be instrumental in developing technical products and to actively contribute to the body of knowledge in a discipline. ITE council leadership welcomes members’ identification of the most important transportation issues to address, and suggestions for products that should be developed to assist in solving them.
The Public Agency, Transportation Consultants and Transportation Education councils are the three employer-type councils available for participation. These councils serve as forums for the discussion of the common interests as well as a vehicle for support of programs and projects that advance council members and the transportation profession.

The International Board of Direction has identified specific goals and objectives in the Strategic Plan that ITE will focus on during the year. This focus will be reflected in the projects and programs offered by the councils. These emphasis areas include elimination of road fatalities, sustainable transportation for communities, an efficient transportation system that serves all users and transportation workforce development, along with a variety of additional issues important to ITE members.

Interested in volunteering? Click here to view the typical volunteer opportunities available within your council(s) of choice! Simply contact the council chair (identified on the individual council webpages listed in the right hand column) and let them know which volunteer opportunities appeal to you! Itís that easy!

We realize that developing a webinar is big time commitment, and sometimes it is nice to bounce your idea off of a few transportation industry leaders before you dive deep into the development process of creating a webinar. That is the purpose of this webinar idea proposal form! We want you to feel comfortable enough to let the ideas flow, with no significant commitment! You have nothing to lose.

  • First, send us your idea with the ITE Webinar Idea Form
  • Your idea is then reviewed by the ITE Professional Development Committee and the ITE Coordinating Council.
  • Lastly, after your idea has been reviewed, you will be notified and if the idea was accepted, you will be asked to complete the ITE Webinar Development Form!

For additional information on council activities or any other issues being addressed by ITE's councils or their sub-entities, please contact Courtney L. Day, Professional Development and Coordinating Council Manager, at (202)785-0060 ext. 140. Courtney serves as the administrative liaison to all councils, standing committees, and task forces. Alternatively, you may contact the chair or vice chair noted on each council's web page.

Membership in ITE Councils is open to any ITE member and you may join as many Councils as you like.

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