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At the heart of the ONE ITE effort is an examination of the membership experience—how ITE can enhance this experience, increase consistency, better meet member expectations, attract new members, and effectively support our leaders, volunteers, and members across all levels of ITE. Our goals are to:


Why now?

Our industry is in the midst of transformational change with increased demand for a wider range of transportation choices, the rapid emergence of new technologies, and the creation of new business models and services. ITE is also changing. We must evolve our organization to keep pace with the changes in our industry and the modern workforce and position ourselves for continued success. Internal drivers of change include:

  • In 2015, ITE hired its first new CEO in more than 30 years. This has resulted in an overhaul of the operation of all internal aspects of the organization and set the stage for an examination of District, Section, and Chapter (D-S-C) operations.
  • In 2017, ITE membership adopted Constitutional changes. These changes broadened the definition of membership and eliminated the category of Institute Affiliate. This change must be propagated down through D-S-C charters and bylaws to ensure that all ITE entities are in full compliance with the current  Constitution.
  • The ITE Board of Direction adopted a new 2018–2020 ITE Strategic Plan. A key goal in the new strategic plan is to “Maximize and provide a consistent ITE membership experience, regardless of geographic location through successful program delivery by Districts, Sections, and Chapters.”


What is included?

The ITE Board of Direction (IBOD) has taken a comprehensive series of actions to advance the ONE ITE initiative. These actions are aimed at creating a more consistent organization that is positioned for future growth. The IBOD efforts include:

  • New definitions for Districts, Sections, and Chapters.
  • A new Canadian and Global dues structure to create a more consistent overall dues framework.
  • Preparation for updating all D-S-C charters and bylaws to be in compliance with the current    Constitution and the adopted D-S-C definitions.
  • Development of an Affiliate transition plan.
  • “New Great Lakes District” and Missouri Valley District (MOVITE).
  • Reorganization of the Florida District into Sections and Chapters.
  • Exploration of the viability of a new Rocky Mountain District.


How Will These Actions Make ITE better?

  • The new D-S-C definitions provide a clear and consistent distinction between the different layers in the organization. Most existing Chapters will be elevated to Sections. This will eliminate a layer of bureaucracy, provide a stronger connection between these Section members and ITE International, and improve ITE Headquarter’s ability to service them.
  • The new global dues structure provides a clear rationale for different levels of dues between members in the U.S. and in other countries. The new structure allocates appropriate discounts where services provided are fewer and it aligns with local monetary value. This will improve ITE’s ability to market the value of ITE membership globally.
  • The elimination of the Affiliate designation at the Section and Chapter level will ensure compliance with the Constitutional changes adopted by members in 2017. The transition plan is designed to give affiliates the opportunity to experience International membership, maintain revenue at the Section level, and stay connected with “friends of ITE.” This will provide a clear definition of ITE “membership” and provide direct value to those that hold this membership.
  • The reorganization of the Florida District would elevate many of the existing Chapters to Sections and create a D-S-C structure that is consistent with the rest of ITE.
  • The realignment of the Midwest and Great Lakes Districts and MOVITE Section into the “New Great Lakes District” and the MOVITE District will:
    • Elevate most existing Chapters to Sections eliminating a layer of bureaucracy and creating consistency.
    • Create a “New Great Lakes” District that is organized geographically around the Great Lakes megaregion providing for greater homogeneity among member Sections and greater affinity  and commonality of interests within the District.
    • Create the Missouri Valley (MOVITE) District that embraces the strength of the existing MOVITE Section and elevates it to District status. The states and sections in this new District have strong connections and there is an affinity of member issues within the District that can support future growth.
  • The creation of a new Rocky Mountain District would:
    • Recognize the affinity and commonality of interests that exist among members in the Rocky Mountain states.
    • Provide for a new set of leadership opportunities for members within this growing region.
    • Embrace the membership strength that exists within this region positioning ITE for growth.
    • Elevate most existing Chapters to Sections eliminating a layer of bureaucracy and creating consistency.
    • Maintain a strong new Western District where there is greater commonality and proximity between the remaining members.


If you'd like to provide feedback on ONE ITE, please email ONEITE@ite.org.

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