About ITE

E-commerce Temporarily Offline

We’ve been notified of a potential security issue and out of precaution, our online payment pages have been turned off.  It may take us several weeks to fully restore ecommerce services. In the meantime, we can help you with purchases both by phone and email. 


To register for the Annual Meeting or any of our professional development opportunities, contact Sallie Dollins at membership@ite.org  or 202-785-0060 ext. 149.

To join or renew your membership, contact Jennifer Childs at jchilds@ite.org or 202-785-0060 ext. 124.

To purchase an item from the bookstore, including our Trip and Parking Generation Manuals, contact Sallie Dollins at sdollins@ite.org or 202-785-0060 ext. 149.

For all other inquiries please email membership@ite.org.