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Trip Generation Manual , 9th ed.

The newest edition of this three-volume report contains updated introductory and instructional material, a recommended practice on the use of this resource (formally known as the Trip Generation Handbook, 2nd Edition) is now included as part of volume 1, and two data volumes with updated land use descriptions, trip generation rates, equations, and data plots. Data from more than 400 new sites have been added, bringing the number of studies contained in the report's database to more than 5,500. More than 1,000 new data points have been added to the plots. More than 60 existing land use codes have been updated based on the new data, and 10 new land use classifications have been added, for a total of 172 land uses.

New land uses include construction equipment rental store, data center, medical equipment store, mosque, museum, recreational vehicle sales, snow ski area, tractor supply store, truck stop, and variety store.

In addition to the new land uses, several updates have been made. Twelve land use codes were updated and expanded significantly to reflect current industry trends. These land uses include high-cube warehouse/distribution center (152), senior adult housing-attached (252), continuing care retirement community (255), free-standing discount superstore (813), shopping center (820), supermarket (850), convenience market with gasoline pumps (853), home improvement superstore (862), pharmacy/drugstore with drive-through window (881), drive-in bank (912), fast-food restaurant with drive-through window (934) and coffee/donut shop with drive-through window (937).

This manual is a must have for transportation professionals conducting site impact studies, determining on-site circulation patterns, performing access management studies, determining traffic signal timing, and conducting environmental assessments.

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ITE, 2012, ISBN-13: 978-1-933452-64-7; ISBN-10: 1-933452-64-.
Item IR-016G

Trip Generation, 8th ed.

Trip Generation, 8th Edition: An ITE Informational Report includes updated introductory and instructional material (User's Guide), as well as two data volumes with revised land use descriptions, trip generation rates, equations and data plots. Data from more than 550 sites have been added to the eighth edition, bringing the number of data points contained in the database to more than 4,800.

In addition, 12 new land use classifications are included, for a total of 162 land uses. Trip Generation has undergone many other important updates, which are outlined in detail in Chapter 2 of the User's Guide. Several land uses were expanded significantly with the addition of new data. These include: High-Cube Warehouse (152); Free-Standing Discount Superstore (813); Home Improvement Superstore (862); Discount Home Furnishing Superstore (869); and Drive-in Bank (912).

This report is a must have for transportation professionals conducting site impact studies, determining on-site circulation patterns, performing access management studies, determining traffic signal timing and conducting environmental assessments.

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ITE, 2008, 1919 pp. ISBN-13:978-1-933452-43-2, ISBN-10: 1-933452-43-9.
Item IR-016F

Trip Generation Handbook, 2nd ed.: An ITE Recommended Practice

Trip Generation Handbook, 2nd Edition, incorporates changes necessary for consistency with the data contained in the Seventh Edition of Trip Generation, which was released in November 2003. The recommendations in this publication have not changed from the 2001 edition of the handbook. Additional data have been added to Chapter 5, Pass-By, Diverted and Linked Trips. All other changes were strictly editorial updates to the material contained in the 2001 handbook. 

This recommended practice provides guidelines for application and interpretation of trip generation data. Topics covered in the handbook include guidelines for estimating site trip generation, collecting local trip generation data, developing local trip generation rates, estimating pass-by trips and estimating trip generation for multiuse land developments. Informational pieces also are provided on truck trip generation, the effects of travel demand management (TDM) and transit on trip generation and a summary of literature on multiuse developments. 

Table of Contents
ITE, 2004. 164 pp., ISBN No: 0-935403-86-8.
Item RP-028B

Set - Trip Generation, 7th ed. and Trip Generation Handbook, 2nd ed.

Sold as a set, Trip Generation and Trip Generation Handbook, provide the most up-to-date information available on trip generation.

Item GP-001B.


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