In conjunction with the growing national emphasis on pedestrian safety and the need to better distinguish neighborhood street infrastructure from major arterials, much work has been done in the area of traffic calming.  The purpose of this page is to better acquaint our membership with actual experiences that many State, Regional and Local Transportation Agencies have had with traffic calming.

This is intended to serve as a reference for identifying actions taken and case studies in areas throughout the country that have addressed neighborhood traffic problems by developing and applying traffic calming techniques.  The information presented should only be considered a sampling of the total effort conducted by a particular transportation agency/community and one should contact the individual organization for additional details.

ITE would like to thank everyone who provided traffic calming material for review and will periodically modify the site to reflect any additional case studies received.  Please contact Phil Caruso, 202-785-0060 x. 126, if you have any such materials that you would like to share with other ITE members.

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