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National Transportation Operations Coalition

National Transportation Operations Coalition 

21st Century Operations Using 21st Century Technologies

Following the success of the National Dialogue on Transportation Operations, transportation professionals are embracing the need to improve the performance of the nationís transportation system through a stronger commitment to management and operations. Now more then ever, the operations community is accepting the call to move from a dialogue on the issues of system mobility, reliability and security, to promoting and supporting necessary actions to meet the challenges these issues present. 

The National Transportation Operations Coalition (NTOC) serves as an important foundation for institutionalizing management and operations into the transportation industry. This alliance of national associations, practitioners and private sector groups represents the collective interests of stakeholders at state, local and regional levels, who have a wide range of experience in operations, planning and public safety.

NTOC identified near-term action items that offer tangible progress in institutionalizing management and operations within transportation agencies. These actions fall into three broad categories:

Managing for Performance

  • Develop easy to use performance measure materials
  • Gather information and tools to support planning for operations
  • Encourage consideration of operations into the planning process

Advancing the State of the Practice

  • Develop a toolbox of best practices
  • Develop performance benchmarks for changeable message signs
  • Develop performance benchmarks for traffic signal systems

Communicating the Message

  • Develop a comprehensive/coordinated outreach program
  • Summarize operations benefits data
  • Develop products aimed at decision-makers
  • Create a shared management and operations Web site

How You Can Get Involved

NTOC consists of a number of subcommittees and action teams that are actively working on activities to promote management and operations strategies and benefits to stakeholders. Current subcommittees and action team focus areas include:

  • Performance measurement and reporting
  • Traffic signal systems and VMS benchmarking
  • Linking planning and operations
  • Operations funding
  • Business case

NTOC meets biannually and subcommittees and action teams meet regularly throughout the year. NTOC is open to new members interested in transportation management and operations. Participation is on a volunteer basis.

To learn more about NTOC and its current activities visit or contact Zia Burleigh, FHWA at 202-366-1896.

This self assessment was developed by an action team of the NTOC. 
Associations participating in this action team include:

Institute of Transportation Engineers

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Federal Highway Administration

American Public Works Association


Intelligent Transportation Society of America